5 Ways Guitar Can Make You Rich


It’s true that Guitar can make you rich! Kind-of. I mean when I say: “rich” it should really be interpreted as: “moderately well-off and occasionally quite rich, sometimes”. The days of making music as a means to become Rich & Famous are over- at least for the rock and guitar-based world anyway. Unfortunately popular culture decided to favour Electronic Music and Autotune by the turn of the century, and that is where you’ll find all the money these days.

It’s true that playing the Guitar and making music these days is about passion rather than money- and most musicians these days are aware of these sacrifices. I guess the decision to make would be whether Passion or Money would make you happier in life. Anyway- let’s continue with this article before it begins to get very philosophical.


If you find that you have mastered many genres of guitar-playing, but are generally not creative or good at coming up with songs- then a session musician might be a good path for you. Session Musicians are very often freelance (so pay is uncertain) but when they are paid it is usually quite handsomely- especially if you work in somewhere like London or LA. All you have to do is turn up, learn whatever part you’re being given to play, and play it. It really is that simple- and you can make a fair amount of money from it. Many Musicians choose to follow their endeavours whilst being a Session Musicians on the side for extra money.


When I say: “Music Teacher”, I don’t really mean like a High-School Music Teacher- although you could do that if you so desired. Guitar Tutors at top Music Colleges and Universities can be very well paid if they earn their stripes and get to the top of their game. Believe it or not: a lot of rich people want to learn guitar- though it is more likely to be classical guitar admittedly.


Okay. So you don’t need to play Guitar to be a music producer. But if you don’t have musical experience or knowledge then it is highly unlikely that you will.. ermm.. become a music producer. It’s common sense. So guess what one of the most widely played instruments in popular music is? That’s right! The Glockenspiel! Or maybe I mean to say the Guitar. It all adds up doesn’t it?

Credible Producers earn a fortune and it’s no secret. Prove you have the chops, creativity, and musical versatility and you could land this cushy, respectable and well-paid position in the Music Industry.


This one is rather unstable of course. Bands either tend to make it big or crash and burn. If you are going to be in a band then make sure that you and your bandmates are on the same page about everything or chaos will ensue. This includes musical styles, lyrics, artwork- everything. The majority vote wins unless you can convince everyone otherwise.

The thing about being in a band is that it CAN be profitable if you make it big, but even if you do- your journey to the big-time will be undoubtedly poor and depressing. You’ll be paid very little and just generally be hated by everyone in society because you’re viewed as: “not having a real job” and all the other toss people like to throw around at talented people. But there we go. I guess it comes back to the philosophy in this article’s introduction- would you rather be poor and happy or rich and unhappy? I know my answer. Not can you spare a dollar?


There are a lot of people out there who can sing- too many in fact- it’s getting boring. What there aren’t a lot of- is people who can write songs well. Jamming with a band can throw around good musical ideas, but very rarely produces a well-crafted song- such things take time and patience- often by an individual.

Record Companies continue to hire songwriters for people such as this. I personally wouldn’t like the idea of someone else claiming my work- but some people are quite happy to cash in for their musical creativity, which I guess is fair enough. Many modern famous Popstars worked as Songwriters before they were Popstars themselves- including Jessie J, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. Thank god there is still some real talent out there.

So there we go! Some ideas on how you could become (mediocrely) rich through your experience of playing Guitar! Don’t forget to thank me when you’re sipping your Mojito on your Private Island!

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