Playing Slide with Style

Playing Slide with Style Playing with a slide looks pretty easy at first glance. For starters, even though you might be using heavier strings, you aren’t pressing down on them as you would normally need to; there’s no real fretting involved, for the most part. Even the interaction with the strings is through the slide,[…]


How to Warm Up

How to Warm Up   Frequent, careful and focused practice is the key to improving your overall skill. But how do you make sure you’re in tip-top playing condition in the short run? An effective warm up routine is essential. It doesn’t need to be exactly the same each time, but you may be able[…]


Keeping Good Time

  Keeping Good Time You can normally tell when someone’s playing out of time. It either ruins the flow of a solo piece or throws a whole band’s performance off. Even the least discerning audience – maybe a wedding reception where people are drinking and won’t even notice some bum notes! – will be upset[…]


Playing With Other Musicians

Playing With Other Musicians Jamming with other people is one of the very best ways to improve your playing, not to mention it’s also one of the most fun things any musician can do! You’ll gain confidence and learn how to read other people’s subtle cues; some things just can’t be picked up in solitary[…]